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We don't care about Search Engines; we care about our friends. So if you don't fly and we don't know you, we won't link to you. Sorry, there's just too many websites out there looking for love.

If you'd like us to be your friends, invite us for a free holiday to your chalet in the Alps ;-) or advertise in one of our publications.

Paragliding and Hang gliding Links

Flying guides and flying tours

OLIVER GUENAY knows everything about everywhere. And he's a famous author. He runs trips throughout the European winter to faraway places.

MONI (Parafly, Stubai) runs trips to all the major Alpine sites in summer


Awesome photographers

Martin Scheel

Olivier Laugero


Accommodation for pilots

FLEIGERCAMP (Griefenberg) is a family-oriented campsite

KAMP KOREN (Kobarid, Slovenia) chalets for outdoor enthusiasts

PARAGLIDING ADVENTURE (Slovenia) shuttle, weather, rooms and guiding

LIJAK (Slovenia) school, pizzeria, para-taxi and info centre

APFELHOTEL (Torgglerhof, Italy) land in the hotel area!

AIRPARK MONTE GRAPPA (Bassano, Italy) offer the complete incoming service

GARDEN RELAIS (Semonzo del Grappa, Italy) fancy food, beautiful rooms

TILLY'S (Semonzo del Grappa, Italy) offers bed, breakfast and restaurant

HOTEL IDEAL (Malcesine, Italy) near Lake Garda

LAURA & JASMIN (Malcesine, Italy) Apartments

HOTEL WASSERAUEN (Switzerland) Lifestyle hotel at the landing site

GASTHAUS ALPINA (Fanas) special prices for pilots

LES DEUX ALPES (France) hotel

BRIN DE PAILLE (St Martin de Queyrieres, France) charming guesthouse

VOLANTIS (St Vincent, France) Hotel and restaurant

FLY ST ANDRE (France) land in the garden

CA DE RUNDE (Italy) old stone house above the Mediterranean

PARAFLY APARTMENTS (Monaco) with a pool, on the beach!


People who make great wings for us to fly:







Super flying instruments




Get all your flying kit

FLYBUBBLE (UK/Europe) has an incredible website with info and new gear.


Go on an adventure somewhere different

BIRDMEN PARAGLIDING (Cape Town, South Africa)

CLOUDBASE PARAGLIDING (Wilderness, South Africa)