Featured sites

1 Ruhpolding
2 Hochfelln
3 Kampenwand
4 Hochries
5 Wallberg
6 Brauneck
7 Garmisch-Partenkirchen
8 Tegelberg & Buchenberg
9 Breitenberg
10 Nebelhorn
11 Mittag

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Best Flying Sites of the ALPS
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Paragliding and Hang gliding in Germany

Paragliding and hang gliding flying sites in Germany

The Alps stretch over 180 km along the southern border of Germany, from Lake Konstanz in the west across the highlands of Bavaria to Salzburg in the east. Hidden along this jagged rim of mountains are eleven of the best German flying sites.

This northern limit of the Alps is characterised by steep and rugged peaks with few meadows, when compared to the soft and rounded hills of many Austrian flying sites. Bavaria has some unique weather patterns and characteristic winds. It is more exposed to weather changes and winds at altitude than sites within the Alps.

There are no real beginners' sites in Bavaria (although beginners do flock to Unternberg, Buchenberg and Mittag on the weekends). These flying sites have their tricky sides, so read the sites guide before rushing up there. For the regular or XC pilot, some places like Hochfelln, Wank, Brauneck and Wallberg have a great potential in spring, but you will have to fight to get away because the flying isn't 'paint by numbers'. For scenic splendour, sites like Breitenberg, Nebelhorn and Tegelberg.