Featured sites

12 Schöckl
13 Ternberg
14 Hinterstoder
15 Gerlitzen
16 Goldeck
17 Greifenburg
18 Schladming
19 Stoderzinken
20 Loser
21 Krippenstein
22 Lienz
23 Obertilliach
24 Sillian
25 Fulseck
26 Bischling
27 Schmittenhöhe
28 Westendorf
29 Hohe Salve
30 Kössen
31 Wildschönau
32 Achensee
33 Zillertal
34 Innsbruck
35 Stubai
36 Neunerköpfle
37 Jöchelspitze
38 Venetberg
39 Galtür
40 Schruns
41 Andelsbuch & Bezau

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Best Flying Sites of the ALPS
by Oliver Guenay

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Paragliding and Hang gliding in Austria

Paragliding and hang gliding flying sites in Austria

Austria, like Switzerland, offers an incredible variety of flying sites and microclimates. These sites run along the eastern arc of the Alps towards the end, on both the north and south sides. The optimal conditions created around this awesome landscape nurtured the growth of freeflying, so paragliding and hang gliding have become very popular here.

There is also a constant flow of weekend pilots who seek out the large easy meadows of Tyrol and Carinthia during their holidays. Many German pilots avoid the tougher Bavarian sites altogether and come directly to the interior of the Alps. Whoever has experienced the thrill of the long XC highways of the east-west valleys of Pinzgau, Enns or Inn will always return for more of this precious flying!

For occasional pilots, I recommend places like Kössen, Stubai, Andelsbuch or the Zillertal valley and Wildschönau, as they have few obstacles, an almost perfect climate and easy flying conditions.

For more adventurous pilots, there's lots more to discover in this guidebook! My personal favourites are Venetberg and Hinterhornalm, both powerful XC sites and situated above the long east-west axis of the Inn river valley. Probably the busiest sites are Emberger Alm, Gerlitzen, Andelsbuch and Kössen. Emberger Alm, in particular, is a very easy XC site on the south side of the Alps. Sites that are rewarding but a bit more difficult are around the Enns valley and Dachstein (Loser and Stoderzinken), or the upper Salzburg country (Fulseck and Bischling) and also in the west of Austria at Predigberg and Hochjoch.